Rep and Repeat is one of the fastest growing premium gym wear brands within the UK.

Founded by partners Dan & Steph in 2022 who set out with the mission of providing high quality gym wear which is manufactured using only premium fabrics and sold at affordable prices.

The whole of 2022 was spent on product design and development ready for the first release. We worked alongside a specialist clothing designer who brought years worth of expertise in fashion during her time at Hera London to ensure each item of clothing was meticulously planned out.

Finally in November 2023 we launched our first collections and have since seen rapid growth within the UK market. Our die hard customer base continues to grow every day and this is a huge motivator for us to build a great community around Rep and Repeat consisting of individuals who are chasing down their goals day in day out and letting nothing stand in their way.

If you’re on your own mission to break the boundaries of the impossible, you’ve come to the right place.